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Set of 7 KRUG items! 1 Champagne bucket in brushed gold metal  + 6 KRUG crystal flutesSet


Set of 7 KRUG items! 1 Champagne bucket in brushed gold metal  + 6 KRUG crystal flutesSet 428 €

Ideal gift for a Champagne Lover

Magnificent brass champagne bucket, Maison Krug in Reims, Gold model, excellent general condition.

Weight: 500g
Height: 17 cm
Diameter: 17 cm

Superb small champagne cooler, made for the house „KRUG” in Reims.

Beautiful vintage ice bucket/cooler, only suitable for bellboys or demi bouteilles!

Cooler features the engraved inscription: „Champagne KRUG Reims France” and also the family coat of arms.

Stubborn, original and honest copy, in good condition, completely cleaned and can therefore be used immediately.

Hard to find, quite rare, making it a real collector’s item.
In almost new condition, see photos.

Pay attention to the sizes, small size!


RARE Beautiful Set of 6 Joseph de Riedel ctystal flutes for Champagne KRUG vintage

Achieving perfection is at the heart of the Krug maison, which is why it collaborated with Riedel glassmakers to create Joseph Glass – a unique crystal vessel for fine sparkling wines.

This unique crystal glass with a tulip shape, long stem and conical bowl allows you to enjoy Krug champagne at its best.

A stylish addition to any collection.

The new styled glass has been dubbed ‘The Joseph’ after the house’s visionary founder, Joseph Krug, each glass is made from a single piece of crystal. The wider body allows you to swirl the wine with ease, thus speeding up the oxidation process and amplifying the vivacity and crispness that characterize Krug champagnes.

The glass stands 24.5 cms high just over 9 1/2″ tall and looks amazing.There is a diamond shaped mark on the side of the bowl of the glass that indicates the fill level for the optimum taste explosion. There
is a K monogram on the base and Riedel is etched on the opposite side.

Bottles that may be shown in the pictures are for decoration and to show dimensions.
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