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SOLD ! Huge French silver plated multi-bottle beverage cooler ice basin


Sold for Hungary

Huge Vintage French Silvered ice bucket cooler XXL size ice basin – Hotel Bar Restaurant equipment – Wine Champagne accessory – No brand logo 329 €

This silver plated Ercuis – Saint Hilaire champagne cooler, featured in our collection, not only perfectly chills beverages but is also a genuine work of art.

The St.HILAIRE marking is visible at the bottom of the ice bucket.

Functionally versatile and impressive, it can be a standout piece in your exclusive collection.

The presented set consists of three pieces:

1. A champagne cooler ice bucket capable of chilling 4 standard bottles or 2 magnum bottles.
2. A drip tray that collects condensation on the outer part of the ice
bucket, preventing the table and table setting from getting wet.
3. A demonstrator frame, also known as a glorifier, in which both standard and magnum bottles can be placed.

Old used product in excellent vintage condition.

ChampagneClub Budapest – „Bubbles Fade Accessories Stay”

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