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2 special baroque-style champagne buckets in a pair of ice buckets from Piper-Heidsieck Champagne House – Jaime Hayón Design


The look of these champagne coolers is all about extravagance, as designer Jaime Hayon takes a look at the champagne bucket and infuses 18th century baroque style into a modern utilitarian object 263 €

Unlike the usual PIPER red, these ice buckets are available in Grey and Gold.

In 2006, designer Jaime Hayon was commissioned by Piper-Heidsieck to create something surprising to boost the brand’s prestige. And this baroque range is the result. The unique shape was then made from all kinds of materials, plastic, plastic with and without baroque handles.

We have several examples of each of these versions. But these metal versions are the most precious. They are also signed by the designer Jaime Hayon.

They are truly iconic designer pieces that, when paired together, will draw attention in almost any environment. And they can even be used when guests come…

One holds the opened bottle of champagne we’re serving, the other the next one is waiting its turn.

It should be noted here that the fridge is not the solution to our lives, whatever they may say. Traditional champagne consumers swear by only champagne chilled in ice.

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