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SOLD ! Moët & Chandon Champagne double magnum champagne bucket


Beautiful Moët & Chandon champagne cooler. It is the world’s most famous champagne brand, also known for the prestige champagne Dom Perignon. 610 €

Everyone will fall in love with this French vintage piece of art.

This Moët ice bucket is made of pewter (aka Etain – tin alloy). The design has 2 different sides. Both sides are engraved with the Moët & Chandon logo. At the bottom is the well-known ETAIN (so Made in France) stamp.

The patina is great and the champagne bucket is very bright.

Do not polish it, it is best to preserve the original surface!

This Moët & Chandon champagne bucket is in very good vintage condition but does have signs of wear and scratches.

We are sure you will enjoy this purchase.

  • Material: Tin / Etain
  • Weight: 3,230 kg
  • Height: 25.0 cm
  • Width: 21,7 cm x 36.0 cm
  • Condition: great patina plus a lot of shine